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What are templates?  Visualize the following as in-your-minds' divisions, which defines E&S Divisions:

​At Earth and Space (E&S), a template is an internal program that a) includes two or more E&S Divisions: Space, Air & Sea, and Land and b) is not fully implemented.  Independent elements of the template may be fully implemented.

Examples of templates:

1) Simplest examples:
     - No elements of a multiple division expansion are fully implemented.
     - All elements of a multiple division expansion are completed but at least one element is not tested, verified, or implemented.

2) General example:
     - An expansion that includes any multiple combination of Space, Air & Sea, and Land Divisions where at least one element is not tested, verified, or implemented.

3) Incomplete Space endeavors that consist of only tested, verified, and implemented Air & Sea and/or Land elements can be templates per the above if those elements have not been tested, verified, and implemented for Space.

Examples that are not a template:

1) The novel "Down to Earth" was written from December 2013 to March 2014, US copyright 2016, and will be published in 2024.  This project was reviewed at multiple continents by multiple relevant entities.  It is not a template.  It is independent.

2) An E&S lunar transport vehicle concept that utilizes the Moons unique environment for speed and efficiency is singularly a Space Division endeavor, thus not a template even though incomplete.

3) A complete multi-division expansion where all elements are tested, verified, and implemented is no longer a template.  It is an integrated multi-division capability.  Such expansions can be independent operations, services, products, and/or trademark business activities or licensed use capabilities.  

Any incomplete independent project isn't a template, rather each an ambition in progress...or a dream on the hunt for assistance, the essence of E&S to date.  

For cooperative R&D, service or product development, contact [email protected] and/or start at our (includes Siberian Husky Rescue) 'ancient tech' original website and explore to 'ahead of the curve' from there. Though a lot to digest, keep in mind that Earth and Space is a very thin resource yet broadly flexible and ever persistent business.