Kim E Moore (Vintage 1956...a lot older than my soon to be replaced 2005 LinkedIn photo)

                                                       Program Manager / Aerospace Engineer / Writer

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Field Scientist        
Orion Avionics Project Manager 
Senior Instrumentation Specialist          
Senior Engineer              

Professional Experience

• 15+ years engineering and management at NASA Johnson Space Center for:
      - Orion Manned Spacecraft Avionics (Hamilton Sundstrand at NASA-Johnson Space Center).
           o Project Manager of the four Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) Avionics Sections (C&DL, SE, D&C, C3I).
      - Inertial Components Laboratory (ICL) (Lockheed Martin at NASA-Johnson Space Center).
           o Lead / Designed, Developed, Implemented Test and Flight Hardware & Software.
• Field Scientist / Oversight of Chemical / Metallurgical Plant Environmental Construction and Logistics.
• Port Bulk Material Handling Dock, Wharf, and Crane / Conveyor System Construction Oversight and Logistics.

Areas of Expertise

• Spacecraft
• Aerospace Engineering
• Space Sciences
• Hardware and Software Development, Evaluation, and Implementation
• Inertial Navigation Sensors and Systems Design, Development, Test, and Evaluation - HW & SW
• Laboratory Development and Management.
• Engineering and Sciences Management.
• Business Development.

​Relevant Accessory Experience

• Environmental Field Scientist and General Environmental Site Construction Oversight and Logistics.
• Construction – Port, Plant, Hospital, Shipbuilding (US Navy Destroyers, US Navy / Marines LHA Carriers, Supertankers)

Writing and business development financed with personal investments and heavy industry skills.


MS, Physical Sciences/Space Sciences                                       
University of Houston-Clear Lake                     
Houston, TX USA                                                           

Lockheed Martin/Johnson Space Center Professional Training

2007: Microelectronic Reliability Qual Workshop .  
2007: Kepner-Tregoe Project Management Cert.
2007: Systems of Systems Seminar. 
1996: NMA Ten Course Supervisor and 
          Management Series completion.
1996: Practical Thinking and Decision Making.
1996: Sys. Engineering for Project Management.
1990: Navigation - Methods and Sensors.                   
1988: NAS 9-17900 Job Order/Project Control.
1986: Modern Numerical Methods.                                 

Selected Publications and Professional Presentations

• "Dual Laser Gyro Test Program," Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference, Monterey, CA. American Institute of   
   Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), August 1987, 1331-1345. Presented synopsis of electronic, software, and mechanical 
   designs and methods for testing and evaluating two ring laser gyroscopes and the results. Coauthored with Malcolm E. 
• "Space Station Freedom (SSF) Inertial Sensor Assembly (ISA) Component Development Unit (CDU) Evaluation," JSC-32289, 
   Engineering Directorate: Navigation, Control, and Aeronautics Division, Feb. 1993.
• "High Accuracy Inertial Navigation System Accelerometer Test and Evaluation," JSC-22244, Engineering Directorate: Avionics
   Systems Division, Dec. 1987.
Sample of Personnel Publication (as a personal thank you for this role model): “Mr. McGregor”, Guideposts, 44-48, Oct. 1999.

Honors and Awards

• Recognition of Excellence for Outstanding Expertise and Dedicated Support for the SAFER Project, NASA EVA Office Manager
  Stephen C. Doering, 2006.
• Certificate of Achievement for Outstanding Contribution to the Development of the Simplified Aid For EVA Rescue, NASA 
  Director of Engineering Leonard S. Nicholson, 1996.
• Superior Assistance Award in Recognition of Excellent Support of Rate Table Retesting of the MIR-3 SAFER during Pre-Ship
  Anomaly Resolution, NASA JSC Automation, Robotics, and Simulation Division Chief Walter Guy, 1996.
• Outstanding Contribution toward the Successful SAFER Test Flight, NASA Space Shuttle Program Director Brewster Shaw, 
• Group Achievement Award to SAFER Detailed Test Objective Development Team for their creativity and innovation 
  demonstrated by conceiving and developing an EVA system for increased crew safety which met the challenge to be “faster, 
  cheaper, better!”, NASA Administrator Daniel S. Goldin.
• Group Achievement Award to MMD Development Team for their outstanding efforts in the development of an ultra sensitive,
   3-axis microgravity instrumentation system for the STS-60 WSF experiment, NASA JSC Center Director Carolyn L. Huntoon.
• Group Achievement Award to Space Shuttle IMU Program Support Team in recognition of their engineering excellence in the 
  development and operation of the IMU for the Space Shuttle Program, NASA JSC Center Director Gerald D. Griffin.
• Group Achievement Award to Shuttle Body Flap Deflection Measurement Team for their outstanding engineering and 
  development efforts in reconfiguring the PDAP needed to record OV-102 body flap data on STS-50, NASA Administrator Daniel

Pre-Professional and Skilled Experience

• Junior Associate Civil Engineer for Alabama State Port Authority - Port of Mobile, Mobile, AL.; Port of Houston dock and wharf
   construction (Mccarthy and ATS Drilling); chemical plant construction; US Navy destroyer and LHA shipbuilding (Ingalls Shipbuilding);      supertanker shipbuilding (Kaiser Aluminum); construction diving; heavy construction equipment operation.


• 5K through Marathon Runner/Boston qualifier January 2008, mountain bike trail riding, Astronomy.
• Volunteer: Local environmental and public safety; College business, math and sciences volunteer tutor.
• Siberian Husky enthusiast (admire their incredible determination, endurance, teamwork, creativity, and outlook). 
• Soccer ( USSF C National License - Chicago, NSCAA National soccer coaching license - Penn State, and
  International Licence of The Football Association of Ireland - West Texas A&M, Canyon, TX )
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Earth and Space
Down to Earth Rocket Science
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1984: Calculus of Variations.
1983: Dyn. & Contr. Large Space Structures.
1983: Optical Information Processes.
1983: Dynamics of Flight Vehicles. 
1982: Struct. Analysis & Design in Aerospace.
1982: Smart Sensors.
1982: Concepts of Vibr. & Modal Analysis.
1981: Perturbed Motion of Flight Vehicles.
1981: Applied Digital Electronics.
Kim's Business Card 
Corrigan Consulting, Inc (now Kleinfelder)
Hamilton Sundstrand (now Collins Aerospace
Hamilton Sundstrand
Lockheed Martin   
Aerospace / NASA JSC
Aerospace / NASA JSC
Aerospace / NASA JSC